Hub of Opportunity


A Pioneering Effort of Economic Sustainability for Individuals with Disabilities


Hub of Opportunity Aerial ViewColumbus Community Center’s “Hub of Opportunity” is an innovative transit-oriented, 200,000 square-foot commercial/residential development that will bring together a unique combination of community services, employment opportunities, and community living for individuals with disabilities. The project is located at 3900 S. W. Temple adjacent to the UTA Meadowbrook TRAX station in South Salt Lake. This innovative project is a community-based, mixed-use development that provides opportunities for individuals with severe disabilities to be good neighbors, tenants, consumers, and taxpayers. Because this will be one of the first of its kind in the country, other communities will be looking at the project as an innovative, replicable model of community living.

The Hub is a public/private partnership at its best. 85% of the total cost of $38 million will be financed with tax credits, bonds, and low-interest debt.15% of the remaining cost will be leveraged by $6 million in donations through a capital campaign. Donated funds will help us build the project from the ground up with accessibility, sustainability, and innovation in mind. The project is a transit-oriented development that will provide a hub of commerce; affordable, transit-friendly living; and workforce development opportunities. The Hub is an economically sustainable enterprise that leverages all the best from our community—economic growth, public transportation, quality of life, vibrant neighborhoods, community support, and family involvement. It provides a centralized location in Salt Lake County for individuals with moderate to severe disabilities who are often the most isolated in our communities, and it can be replicated in other counties along the Wasatch Front. It is scheduled to open 2019.

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